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Marc Maislen


New Realities with Marc Maislen

Show Description:

The show discusses emerging paradigms of spirituality in light of every imaginable perspective.

For the past twenty years, Alan Steinfeld has hosted his cable TV show in New York where he has interviewed a wide range of Masters, educators, doctors, scientists, spiritualists, cosmologists and more. Alan’s show brings to the public more information and clarity about the unfolding new paradigm. The title, “New Realities” was chosen by Alan because of his commitment to explore and understand different ways of thinking and perceiving the evolution of our reality.

Whether one has had a near-death experience, seen UFOs, discovered a process of healing that went beyond current medical science, founds a deeper sense of truth and happiness in relationships through alternative practices, or simply questioned what we thought we knew, this “new reality” is becoming the basis for growth and a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the cosmos.

Alan has endeavored to question truth and has year after year brought these new thinkers into the studio to discuss both the practical and metaphysical realms surrounding us.

Interviews range from Depak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Whitley Streiber, Arnold Mindel, JJ Hurtok and countless others. Alan’s unique style and perceptive questions enable the public to understand many of the most profound thoughts/philosophies of our new age. As individuals are gaining greater self knowledge and embracing a wider world view, Alan’s interviews demonstrate that we are not alone and that new avenues exist to enable us to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

New Visions Arts is underwriting this national show for KYAQ, 91.7 FM, our local public access station, so our community can share in these enlightened discussions.

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