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New Realities with Marc Maislen

New Realities

Show Description:

The show discusses emerging paradigms of spirituality in light of every imaginable perspective.

For the past twenty years, Alan Steinfeld has hosted his cable TV show in New York where he has interviewed a wide range of Masters, educators, doctors, scientists, spiritualists, cosmologists and more. Alan’s show brings to the public more information and clarity about the unfolding new paradigm. The title, “New Realities” was chosen by Alan because of his commitment to explore and understand different ways of thinking and perceiving the evolution of our reality.

Whether one has had a near-death experience, seen UFOs, discovered a process of healing that went beyond current medical science, founds a deeper sense of truth and happiness in relationships through alternative practices, or simply questioned what we thought we knew, this “new reality” is becoming the basis for growth and a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the cosmos.

Alan has endeavored to question truth and has year after year brought these new thinkers into the studio to discuss both the practical and metaphysical realms surrounding us.

Interviews range from Depak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Whitley Streiber, Arnold Mindel, JJ Hurtok and countless others. Alan’s unique style and perceptive questions enable the public to understand many of the most profound thoughts/philosophies of our new age. As individuals are gaining greater self knowledge and embracing a wider world view, Alan’s interviews demonstrate that we are not alone and that new avenues exist to enable us to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

New Visions Arts is underwriting this national show for KYAQ, 91.7 FM, our local public access station, so our community can share in these enlightened discussions.

  Programmer: Marc Maislen





Alan Steinfeld

Airs on: Wednesdays at 7:00 PM, Saturdays at 2:00 AM, and Sundays at 9:00 PM

2016 Archives:

47. September ’16 JUDE CURRIVAN: Show 47, Same Train (June 2016)

Author of “The Cosmic Hologram” and the totality of Einsteinian and Quantum physics.

46. September ’16 JOHN ANTHONY WEST: Show 46, JOHN ANTHONY WEST (Aug 2016)

World renowned Ancient Egyptologist.

44. and 45. August ’16 UFOs and THE MEDIA PARTS 1 AND 2: Show 44 & 45, UFOs and THE MEDIA PARTS 1 AND 2 (Aug 2016)

A variety of panelists will discuss UFOs and extraterrestrial encounters.

43. August ’16 MARY RODWELL: Show 43, MARY RODWELL (Aug 2016)

Founder of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network), renown Ufologist, and author of “Awakening” her discussion includes preparing humans for First Contact.

42. August ’16 BERT JENSEN: Show 42, BERT JENSEN (Aug 2016)

Author and investigator of “Crop Circles.”


A round table of experts of consciousness. Paul Lowe, Natasha Kohlestar, Yasahiko Kimara, JJ Hurtak, Djenne Ba and Anthony West.

40. August ’16 CHRIS GROSSO: Show 40, CHRIS GROSSO (Aug 2016)

Millenials, addiction and spirituality are discussed with the spiritual director of Tavio by Advocacy Unlimited, teacher with the Worldwide Insight Org., and author of “Indie Spiritualist.”

39. August ’16 NYEI MUREZ: Show 39, NYEI MUREZ (Aug 2016)

Known by Carlos Castaneda as Zuna and a practitioner of Castaneda’s technique of “Recapitulation” described as “releasing the charge you have over an event.”

38. August ’16 LYNN ANDREWS: Show 38, LYNN ANDREWS (Aug 2016)

Author of the Medicine Woman books and the teachings of the Way of the Sacred Feminine.

36. August ’16 RICHARD MOSS: Show 36, RICHARD MOSS (Aug 2016)

His “Radical Aliveness Retreats” address body, mind, feelings, energy and the ineffable mystery of your essence in order to effect essential and lasting change.

35. August ’16  ANN LOUISE: Show 35, ANN LOUISE (Aug 2016)

The First Lady of Nutrition, author and an advocate of alternative medicine, especially fad diets.

34. August ’16 LAYNE DOLPHIN: Show 34, LAYNE DOLPHIN (Aug 2016)

Dream Specialist and founder of the Dream Interpretation Center of Montreal.

33. August ’16 WILLIAM RADER: Show 33, WILLIAM RADER (Aug 2016)

Ground breaking stem cell researcher and psychiatrist.

32A. July ’16   PAUL SELIG: Show 32A, PAUL SELIG (July 2016)

Author and Medium, he discusses his channeling energy groups and clairvoyance.

32. July ’16 SOLIHIN THOM: Show 32, SOLIHIN THOM (July 2016)

Founder of Adumanitas, the art of inner dialogue to bring alive inner resources and trust to navigate the human journey and improve health.

31. July ’16 ROBERT RAY: Show 31, ROBERT RAY (July 2016)

The Hawaiian healing technique Ho’oppono pono – a way of healing energies are in 4 simple statements and author of “Return to Zero Point.”

2015 Archives:

30. October ’15 WHITLEY STREIBER: Show 30, WHITLEY STREIBER (Oct 2015)

Author of “Communion” he discusses extraterrestrials and Solving the Communion Enigma.

29. October ’15 LINDA MOULTON HOWE: Show 29, LINDA MOULTON HOWE (Oct 2015)

ETs, Crop Circles and Time Travel are discussed along with the conspiracy theories as pertaining to extraterrestrials.

28. October ’15 JACQUES VALLEE: Show 28, JACQUES VALLEE (Oct 2015)

UFO researcher and Trustee of the Institute for the Future talks about the history of UFOs and the unchanging phenomena that has been here for thousands of years.

27. October ’15 LYNN KITEI: Show 27, LYNN KITEI (Oct 2015)

Internationally acclaimed physician and health educator who gave up her practice to pursue the truth of UFOs and The Phoenix Lights.

26. August ’15 CLAUDE SWENSON: Show 26, CLAUDE SWENSON (Aug 2015)

Discussion of the Synchronized Universe.

25. August ’15 LARRY DORSEY: Show 25, LARRY DORSEY (Aug 2015)

Consciousness of the Future.

24. August ’15 HOWARD BLOOM: Show 24, HOWARD BLOOM (Aug 2015)

Five heresies debunked by these two wild men. And extraperipheral visions are revealed.

23. August ’15 TOM CAMPBELL: Show 23, TOM CAMPBELL (Aug 2015)

Physicist, lecturer and author of “My Big…Theory of Everything” – unifying general relativity, quantum mechanics, and metaphysics along with the origins of consciousness.

22. August ’15 BRUCE LIPTON: Show 22, BRUCE LIPTON (Aug 2015)

The Biology of Consciousness that promotes the idea that gene expression can be influenced by environmental factors.

21. July ’15 LAURIE GREGG: Show 21, LAURIE GREGG (July 2015)

The Changing Shape of your Body. Mind-body connection specifically penis enhancement.

20. July ’15 LYNNE McTAGGERT: Show 20, LYNNE McTAGGERT (July 2015)

Discusses her book “The Bond” where we discover that connection is the most important component of our human existence. She discusses consciousness, the new physics and the practice of conventional and alternative medicine

19. July ’15 WILLIAM TILLER: Show 19, WILLIAM TILLER (July 2015)

Talks about his book, “Psychoenergetics” as he uses the scientific model to understand consciousness where human intention can affect physical beauty and the concepts such as subtle energies beyond the four fundamental forces, which he believes act in concert with human consciousness.

18. July ’15 TALLULAH SULIS: Show 18, TALLULAH SULIS (July 2015)

Certified Somatic Sexologist focusing and teaching workshops on female ejaculation.

17. July ’15 SHERRY WINSTON: Show 17, SHERRY WINSTON (July 2015)

Sex and Female Power. Sexuality teacher and author of “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal” and “Three Breath Orgasm.”

16. June ’15 CHRISTINA BERKELY: Show 16, CHRISTINA BERKELY (June 2015)

Owning your sexuality and sexual power

15. June ’15 LISA CARILLO: Show 15, LISA CARILLO (June 2015)

Being present in expanded pleasure and sensual expansion.

14. June ’15 DANISH TANTRA: Show 14, DANISH TANTRA (June 2015)

Tantric Sex

13. May ’15 SAIDA, JADE GODDESS: Show 13, SAIDA, JADE GODDESS (May 2015)

Discusses the essence of female sexuality.

12. April ’15 ANANTA KRANTI: Show 12, ANANTA KRANTI (April 2015)

Discusses Pure Presence whose direct self inquiry, similar to the investigation of “Who Am I” from Ramana Maharshi, facilitates the bringing about of the direct experience of our true nature.


Indigenous wisdom and why we come together to celebrate peace and Earth Day as well as the sacred Mother/Father.

10. April ’15 SWAMI PREMODAYA: Show 10, SWAMI PREMODAYA (April 2015)

Western psychologist who “awakened” in the summer of 2003 and helps others who seek transformation and realization.

9. March ’15 PETER BROWN: Show 9, PETER BROWN (March 2015)

Whose “Yoga of Radiant Presence” describe the transcendental field of radiant “subtle energy” and the actual energy of being and consciousness itself.

8. March ’15 PAUL LOWE: Show 8, PAUL LOWE (March 2015)

Awakening consciousness – there is something else – something beyond what we call reality. Lowe addresses everyday issues like sexuality, relationships, parenting, communication, religion, health, finance, career and happiness and how his view encourages people to go beyond what they think is possible or impossible.

7. February ’15 MERIOLD GOLD: Show 7, MERIOLD GOLD (Feb 2015)

Tapping the Creative Source.

6. January ’15 NASSIM HARREMIEN: Show 6, NASSIM HARREMIEN (Jan 2015)

His revolutionary theories in physics and how it will influence consciousness. His black hole technology will revolutionize everything we know of reality in the coming years.

5. January ’15 RICHARD DOLAN: Show 5, RICHARD DOLAN (Jan 2015)

Top UFO investigator talks about the latest research and development in the realm of alien interaction with humans and the planet.

4. January ’15 ARNOLD MINDEL: Show 4, ARNOLD MINDEL (Jan 2015)

Discusses his lifelong work in dream psychological therapies called Process Work.

3. January ’15 ANITA MOORJANI: Show 3, ANITA MOORJANI (Jan 2015)

Author of the worldwide bestseller, “Dying to be Me” she describes how a near death experience (NDE) changes life and can heal a fatal disease.

2. January ’15 SERGIO MAGANA: Show 2, SERGIO MAGANA (Jan 2015)

A healer in the Tol Shamanic lineage, accessing and commanding two states of consciousness – dreaming and waking – as revealing in his book, “The Art of Toltec Dreaming.”

1. January ’15 PAUL LEVY: Show 1, PAUL LEVY (Jan 2015)

Uncovering the Self. His book, “Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil” explores dreaming awake.