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Volunteer Staff

Traci Bailey

Traci Bailey, Volunteer and Board Member

Board member Tracy Bailey has over 35 years of experience serving the community through government and volunteer programs. He has also assisted many small businesses develop outreach programs to support and expand their businesses. He brings his organizational and business skills to Lincoln County serving on the Board of Directors for both KYAQ and the Lincoln County Economic Development Alliance. Tracy has been part of numerous local, regional and state service organizations. He has a passion for community development and supports non-commercial public radio as a great place for many small communities to come together as one voice.

Gilbert Bernhardt, Volunteer Programmer and First Friday Live Jam

Show: Classical Music for Everyone

Gilbert “Gib” Bernhardt, an Oregon Coast Community College adjunct instructor of geology, hosts “Classical Music for Everyone”. The program features a foray into all forms of classical music, including Lincoln County musicians. When not teaching, airing a broadcast, or playing music with local groups, he works as a consulting geo-archaeologist. He has two Bachelor of Science degrees from Lamar University in secondary education and geology, a Master of Science degree in geology from Baylor University, and has three years completed towards a PhD in geology from Baylor University.

Scott Clark, Volunteer Programmer

Show: Sonic Cafe

Scott has always had a lot of music in his life. Growing up outside of Chicago, he was mesmerized early on by the radio of the sixties and seventies and began collecting records at a very early age. From 45’s and LP’s to cassettes and CD’s and now digital… he really never stopped. Today everything in his library is digitized because “I got sick of lugging all that stuff around.”

Whenever he’s conscious (and probably even when he’s not) there’s always a tune playing in the background. He calls it the soundtrack for his life, with his ultimate goal of achieving a no repeat lifetime (talk about your nirvana).

He brings knowledge and respect for the music and his vast collection, to the world through the Sonic Café.

The concept for the Sonic Café is to deliver the high production values and feel of the radio he grew up listening to. But unlike the tight, repetitious playlists of those commercial stations, instead feature a massive range of artists, genres and tunes. The whole idea is to package it in an eclectic, engaging, no repeat format that brings both new and old together in a unique, entertaining, and most importantly fun and fast paced way. There’s really nothing on the radio today, or in the past, that compares with it.

Carolyn Crandall, Volunteer Programmer

Steve Crandall, Volunteer Programmer

Show: Stronger Together

Carolyn and Steve Crandall began their political activism in 1992 working on Bill Clinton’s campaign.

In 2004, they joined the Democratic Club of Camarillo in California and served in many different capacities including Members-at-Large, Fund Raising, Veterans Issues, Social Directors, Vice President, Program and then co-Chairs in 2012 and 2013.

They were elected Delegates to the California State Democratic Convention in 2008 and attended the conventions in San Diego and San Jose, CA. We were fortunate enough to attend rallies held by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The Crandalls opened and managed a campaign office in 2008 where they shared office space with our local candidates: Congress, State Senator, State Assembly, School Board, Port Commissioner.

Their congressional district had been occupied by Republicans for 70 consecutive years and the last 22 of those years by one congressman until 2010 at which time he retired. In 2010, they recruited a Democrat that had previously served in the Assembly to run for Congress. She won and flipped the district to majority Democratic where it remains today.

Steve, a Vietnam veteran, founded and chaired the California Central Coast Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War during which time he wrote articles for Veterans Today and The Veteran. The CA Chapter tabled at fairs where they educated the public about veteran’s issues. They also organized rallies to save the veteran’s land in West Los Angeles and brought together Federal, State, County and private groups at a three day conference for veterans and military families.

The Crandalls were Precinct Captains at the polls in 2010 and 2012, managing four polling places. Both are avid writers and have been published in many newspapers, on line blogs and magazines.

They retired in 2015 and moved to Newport, Oregon, where they remain engaged in political activism, leading the Lincoln County Democratic Committee, and hosting “Stronger Together” on KYAQ 91.7FM.

Bill Dalbey

Bill Dalbey, Station Manager and Volunteer Programmer

Bill is a local musician and sound engineer who grew up on the Oregon coast.  He and his wife, Franki, moved to Salem in the early 1980’s, then to Portland in 1999, returning to his hometown of Toledo in 2007.  He is a Toledo City Councilor and an advocate for affordable workforce housing.

In his professional life Bill was a Systems Analyst, specializing in health-related database applications.  He retired in 2007 and moved back to the coast to play music and try to give something back to his community.

In 2015 Bill was recruited and mentored by Bridget Wolfe, co-founder of KYAQ, to become the Station Manager.  His computer and sound engineering skills allowed him to help take KYAQ to the next level on its continuing journey to becoming a top tier community radio station.

Bill also plays in The Dalbey Gang band.

Franki Trujullo-Dalbey

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey, Board President and Volunteer Programmer

Show: FYI

Show: Peacewatch/Global Alerts

Franki became the Director of the Board in September, 2015.

Franki Trujillo-Dalbey earned a Bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Communication from Marylhurst University. She went on to complete a Master’s in Intercultural Communication and then a doctorate in Urban Studies & Community Development from Portland State University, while a faculty member in the Communication Studies department. Prior to teaching intercultural communication, interpersonal and conflict management (among other courses), Franki was a Senior Civil Rights investigator for the State of Oregon for seven years, and was a Co-Principal of Communication Works where she did intercultural training, consulting, and cross-cultural workplace mediation. She also worked in various employment-related programs focused on disability and other work-related issues. After more than 20 years, Franki returned to the Oregon coast, necessitating her resignation from the Intercultural Communication Institute as the Associate Director of Education and Training, and Coordinator of the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication, however she continues to teach for the Masters in Intercultural Relations (MAIR) program. As KYAQ’s new Board President, Franki applies her skills as an organizer, community developer, and not-for-profit board experience to the radio station. In her leisure time, Franki can be found playing electric bass with her dance band, High Fidelity Blues Band, hanging out with her husband and two dogs, and enjoying her children and grandchildren.
Donna DiGiacinto, Volunteer Graphics Designer

Amber Rose Dullea, Volunteer Programmer

Show: Live Your Wow

Amber Rose Dullea, MA, M.Div. is an inspiring coach, speaker and author. She brings an embodied compassion to her work due to living for over a decade with Fibromyalgia and chronic migraines. She combines compassion and humor with her background as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Her nurturing coaching skills support individuals who live with chronic pain to thrive again by finding and living their Wow!

Amber Rose earned her Master’s Degree in Whole Systems Design with a focus on Person and Planetary Healing from Antioch University in Seattle, Master of Divinity in Interfaith and New Thought from New West Seminary, and a B.A. Special Major in Peace and Conflict Studies. She has served as faculty at Marylhurst University, Oregon School of Massage, Renton Community College and serves as Secretary on the Mastering Pain Institute, Portland Progressive Toastmasters Boards of Directors and is a public member on the Oregon Pain Management Commission.

Deanne Dunlap

Deanne Dunlap, Volunteer Programmer and Board Member

Dianne Eckstein

Dianne Eckstein, Volunteer and Board Member

Show: In The Library

Dianne is part of the original group to get KYAQ licensed and on the air. She is a former ESL (English Second Learner) teacher who has lived in Germany, Japan and Singapore, teaching and raising a family. Her interest include traveling, reading, and knitting. Dianne says she is a normal person without enough time.

John Edstrom

John Edstrom, Volunteer IT Manager and Board Member

JE spent about 30-years researching the pharmacology, biology, and physics of neural systems in various places, coming eventually to HMSC as a pharmacology research associate for about 10 of them. Another few years were spent with a Seattle software consulting company specializing in developing and deploying community portals for various service-oriented organizations. In the past he volunteered for several years with St. John Ambulance. He is a founder, past president, treasurer, and life member of the Quickdraw Animation Society, an artist-run animation co-op, in Calgary, AB, and now works with sundry local volunteer groups in the Newport area.

Michael Frazier, Volunteer Programmer

Show: The Oregon Music Connection

Ginger Gouveia, Volunteer Photographer

Amy Greer, Volunteer

Amy Greer and Kelly, her husband, moved to Newport in 2012 after living in Bend for 20 years. She spent many years as a bank manager and is now a self-employed accountant, with a BBA from the University of Texas. Most recently she was a CPA preparing tax returns, but decided to give that up to have more fun!   Over the years she has volunteered for many non-profit organizations, including Redmond Kiwanis, American Business Women’s Assoc., Human Dignity Coalition, and Oregon Boating Foundation. Kelly retired from 35 years in the Forest Service and is now busy managing the Newport Farmers Market. They hope to be active in the community for many years to come.

Aracelly Guevara, Volunteer Programmer

Ramiro Guerero, Volunteer Programmer

Show: Latin Corner

Dave Huntington

Dave Huntington, Volunteer Programmer

Show: Rock Through The Ages

Dave is a retired MSW (Masters in Social Work) and moved to Eddyville, Oregon in 2014. He’s been a volunteer with the station for several years, starting as a station sitter and moving into Sunday Brunch two years ago.

He also volunteers at the Toledo Public Library on Wednesday mornings with  “Story Time” for the preschoolers.

He loves to fish and spend time with friends as well as listen to music.

Rhonda Rachel Mare Jantzen

Show: Rhonda’s Rainbow Room

Rhonda Rachel Mare Jantzen is an LGBTQ activist on the Central Oregon Coast. Her focus is on providing information, resources, and encouragement for the LGBTQ community and their supporters.

Angel Jimenez, Volunteer Programmer

Show: Latin Corner

Jimmy Kasner, Volunteer

Laren Leland, Volunteer Programmer

Show: Turn the Tide

Leland is an artist, native bee conservationist, aspiring farmer, and real estate broker. She lives and dreams on Yachats River Road at Blossomwood Farmstead – bee sanctuary and permaculture.  Leland volunteers with the Pollinator Restoration Project and To find out more about her work, please visit Leland at Advantage Real Estate.

Marc Maislen

Marc Maislen, Volunteer Programmer

Show: New Realities

MARC MAISLEN established New Visions Arts as the umbrella not-for-profit organization to cover theatre, dance, music, literature, radio, visual arts, poetry and any other creative endeavor that uplifts the individual and community to a greater realization of the Love and essence of Who We Are.

New Realities is one avenue of collaboration between Alan Steinfeld that had its roots in New York City where the visual arts and theatre connected both of them. Striving for a spiritual awakening, both Alan and Marc are committed to illuminating the world as their seminal spiritual-theatre multimedia piece, “Quintessence” demonstrates.

Becca Ottensman

Becca Ottensman, Volunteer Programmer

Show: What’s Cooking with Becca

Billy Jo Smith, Volunteer Programmer

Barbara Turrill, Volunteer

William H Wiist, Volunteer Programmer